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"So if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed."  John 8:36
Client Testimonials
When I met Dr. David Cotner my life was a mess physically, mentally and spiritually.  When I think of that time I think crisis – chaos – craziness.  I was a stay at home mom with a husband and 4 kids.  I had always known I had been molested by my brother but it never bothered me – I didn’t feel anything about it.  It was like it had happened to someone else.  That fall, the same brother got caught looking at computer porn by his daughter and it sent my life into a tail spin.  All I could see was my own girls in danger from him who had been the predator of me and my sister.  I thought I had dealt with all of this.  I was a Christian and very actively involved at my church. My brother’s family and mine were close – our kids hung out, he was at church every Sunday.  But now I was freaking out.  I was having physical problems such as high blood pressure & headaches, binging/purging – I was out of control.  I was having mental problems – I found myself in my car talking out loud arguing with myself as I drove.  I had no idea who I was talking to or why.  I was having spiritual problems – I was falling away from God.  I was having major trust issues.  So one day my good friend told me I should go see David Cotner.  That first appointment in Christian counseling changed my life.

Soon after my first visit he diagnosed me with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I couldn't believe it!  I had many alter personalities from my abuse starting at about age 6, but Jesus healed us!  Having been in secular counseling off and on, this Christian counseling was amazing.  Jesus is totally amazing!  I cannot even give words to the “amazingness” of our Lord and Savior.  My life now is one of wholeness.  My life is much better – it is SO different.  I owe my life to Jesus – my sanity to Jesus.  He also delivered me from the influence of evil spirits.  He healed my broken heart and mended my soul.  Secular counseling helps secular people, I suppose, but only Jesus can heal you forever.  Only “Jesus counseling” sets you free.

 (Used by permission)

When we were in our mid 30’s my husband and I had everything we had worked for and wanted: 4 children, dream home, friends and faith. Yet we hit a wall of misery in our marriage and turned to Dr. David Cotner, our former pastor, for help. Dr. Cotner explained God’s ability to heal and restore if we were willing to come to Him and be obedient to His word. Through encountering Jesus in counseling, God began to work in our lives individually and in our marriage. I saw the ways Satan had influenced my thinking and life and I was able to seek forgiveness for the sinful attitudes and responses I had embraced. I was freed from strongholds of rebellion, fear, and many other evil spirits which had pummeled my thoughts for years. I was also able to forgive others, some whom I had not even realized I held bitterness towards.

Jesus used this kind of counseling to renew my mind and refresh my soul. Having been a Christian since I was a child, I had never really thought of myself as very sinful. Yet it was those generational and personal sins that were affecting me and making life miserable. I am forever grateful for the gift of freedom I received from Jesus through the ministry Dr. Cotner offered. Over a decade later, I continue to walk with Jesus unencumbered by the pain and problems that first brought me to Dr. Cotner’s counseling service.

(Used by permission)

We began counseling, both individually and as a couple, with David Cotner when infidelity threatened to end our nearly 30 year marriage.  Dr. Cotner provided biblical and emotional support and boldly addressed deep spiritual and generational bondage issues.  He presented materials that helped us examine relational interaction, temperament, and personality.  He guided to help us understand how those factors flavored our marriage relationship, and emphasized the necessity to focus faithfully on our individual relationships with Christ.  Dr. Cotner prayerfully invited Jesus into each session to guide, reveal truth, and minister healing. He generously worked with us to schedule a family session with our adult children to assist in mending those damaged relationships.  His compassionate, yet bold approach clearly brought God’s truth and blessings into our situation.  To God be the glory!

(Used by permission)

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