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"So if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed."  John 8:36
Dr. David Cotner - Author

Dr. Cotner is the author of three books on spiritual warfare, “Spiritual Warfare and Your Family,” “Demonization and the Christian,”  and “The Church at War!”

Spiritual Warfare and Your Family

Dr. David Cotner writes that Satan and his hosts have one aim for the family, and that is to destroy it! The spiritual heads of every family (fathers, mothers and grandparents) need to realize this truth and take appropriate measures to stop the enemy from carrying out his diabolical plans against their family. Satan and his evil army are causing great spiritual harm to the family today, and unfortunately, many of us are doing nothing to stop it. Hopefully, this book will help us all as parents and heads of households to be better equipped to do battle against these forces of evil arrayed against our family. 

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Demonization & the Christian

Dr. David Cotner covers this tough subject in a thorough and Biblically correct manner. For too long, the Christian community in the United States has avoided this issue, and therefore there are Christians not enjoying the joy of their salvation or freedom from bondage to sin and debilitating psychological and emotional problems.  This book covers such subjects as:

The mistaken belief that the Holy Spirit and an evil spirit cannot co-exist in the same body
The location of the indwelling evil spirit in the Christian's soul
The Biblical and experiential evidence supporting the demonization of the Christian
Ten signs the Christian may be demonized
The physical effects of demonization, and
The victory of the Christian over demonization and how to obtain it.

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The Church at War!

The Church at War

Help for the Local Church in it's Battle Against Evil

To state the obvious - we live in an evil world. A rational explanation for this is found in the term Jesus used to refer to the devil - Jesus called him "the ruler of this world" (John 14:30). It is no surprise that the world the devil rules reflects his own evil nature. And it is also no surprise that the special object of Satan's hatred is the followers of Jesus Christ and the church which they comprise corporately. The church of Jesus Christ is at war against Satan and his evil forces. Unfortunately, the church lost, many Christians are being defeated by sin and demonic influences and many churches are even being destroyed. It was Albert Einstein who said, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." This book by Dr. David Cotner provides invaluable insight for the church in how to "do something about it" so that church members can consistently win their spiritual battles, and together push back the darkness in their church, homes and communities. Written especially with pastors, missionaries, and church leaders in mind, this is a must read for all who care deeply about the survival and effectiveness of the church in these evil days!

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